In Fervor Press

"Something about this album feels incredibly familiar, like stepping into your favorite pair of jeans or, perhaps more appropriately, that flannel shirt in the back of your closet. In Fervor is nitty-gritty basement rock that sounds more '90s-alternative than most of what Brooklyn's been emitting these days. Like all grunge/post-grunge bands, the droning, rusty, and somewhat indecipherable vocals are depressive (though certainly cheerier than Alice in Chains) and blend effortlessly, in cloudy and sludgy precision, with guitar, bass, and drums. Metal and classic-rock influenced, guitar solos, subtle harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics provide Onward Downward with a certain seriousness. The songs aren't too formulaic, yet the album flows, from start to finish, in one long breath.

"Jesus" and "Seething" involve acoustic guitars, while "In The Spirit of Self-Sufficiency" and "To No Avail" are hard-edged and powerful-reminiscent of the often overlooked Seattle band, Screaming Trees, who, like In Fervor, are influenced too by a general folk-rock sound. Although it isn't difficult to pinpoint their overall mood or genre, In Fervor doesn't come off as specifically copying other bands. "Another's Maze" does sound a bit like Metallica's alternative departure, "Unforgiven II," but a somber cello and hushed vocals make it very much In Fervor's own. Nothing too shocking or sophisticated, the fast-paced "Same Waters Twice," with awesome metal riffs and frantic drumming, closes Onward Downward with an upward gust."
- Beyond Race Magazine

"This heavy on instrumentation/experimental album ran an interesting gauntlet of moody alternative and prog rock. The tunes were at the core, intimate yet seemingly powerful at the same time. They grazed a few indy interludes during the album but stayed firmly rooted in the emotion and passion of music. The depressive state of the album may appeal to a limited number of people but I'm sure they won't have a difficult time finding those fans who enjoy the hurt brought about through music. They sort of assimilated themselves to THE RAINCOATS of the 90's alternative era where the basis for their music was for feelings. You could sit back and relax to the tunes or be sucked in by the gravity of tones. All in all, an impressive record but I don't suggest plugging this one in if you are on suicide watch."
-Brodie Holmen, East Coast Romper

"Following up on their successful Anatomy of a Memory, In Fervor layers thick indie rock creed with giant hooks and spellbinding catchiness. Pop is always in the forefront of their mind though not necessarily in the front of their delivery. Grungy guitars work hard to position themselves deep in the mix while the singer and rhythm section break loose. Good hard-edged alternative rock that has oodles of groove."
-J-Sin, Smother

"Instrumentation proves a strength for In Fervor on 'Anatomy of a Memory' as the band presents five tracks as versatile as they are moody. And while it might be that strength that they carry throughout the EP, the band has a few other things up their sleeves as well.

In Fervor instill a great deal of variety and direction into 'Anatomy of a Memory.' But with solid instrumentation and ideas, the band is able to make things happen on 'Anatomy of a Memory.'"
-Corinne, Plug In Music

"I listen to your music, and it is original. Your music is solely you. That really does speak for itself. ...You guys play original music, that's integrity, that's something to be commended."
-J.P. Prigge, WXAV, Chicago

"The songs are visceral and as intelligent as it gets. Listen to how thick the bass is on “18 Ager”, just absolutely beautiful tone. In "Anatomy of a Memory", In Fervor gives us great indie rock for the ages that’s both intense and invigorating with an emphasis on songwriting rather than just writing great hook after great hook."
-J-Sin, Smother

"These guys really burn with the red-hot embers of passion and desire, what killer music this is!" "...Thanks In Fervor, you gave me faith in new music!"
-Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

"A perfect cloudy day listen, In Fervor is as welcome as a bowl of hot soup on a snowy day. Solid indie rock thats better than most new major label shit thats being oversold at your local megamall. Smooth production shines thru out this EP making songs like "18 Ager" and "Hammer Song" reasons enough to keep hitting replay on the CD player. A kick ass effort and the best thing is the band is selling this gem for 5 bux and free shipping! Tasty! Want to hear more? Buy the EP!"
-Here and There E-Zine

"In Fervor prove to have mastered the value of restraint during this short album, which had the case been otherwise, the band's intelligent edge would have been lost.

"'Hammer Song' opens the album as Richard Martin's husky voice croons over a skittish riff that's a conglomerate of David Kaplan's melody-carrying bass playing, Wayne Schneiderman's intricate drums work, and Mark Bannayan's lead guitar counterpoint. The ever-changing refrain displays so many chord changes and points of emphasis, setting the precedent for the rest of the album's good use of transitions and understanding of tonal shade. Rather than break into angry-rock-core, Martin instead imbues some whispered intensity to a few choice words during this track: a fine choice. By the time we reach the histrionic guitar solo and its briefly pedal-driven ending, we know that we're listening to some good old fashioned rock music and that we don't need to feel guilty about enjoying it.

"The real beauty of Anatomy of a Memory, however, is its musical writing. Rising builds are placed against lines of verse delivered a capella, breaking up those builds. Noisy bridges which seem to be going full throttle are in fact possessing considerable reserve. Delicately picked guitar lines emote introspection, though it may be slightly unbalanced introspection. And in spite of all this attention to detail, In Fervor never fail to really rock in the fullblown mainstream meaning of the word.

"This band's creativity has taken them thus far to artistically good places. I mean, they've truly managed to dovetail intelligent writing and real of-the-earth rock'n'roll. That's pretty good."
- Joel Dunham,

"...their music is intelligent, interesting and it rocks!"
Savage Radio

"In Fervor are their own band and hopefully Anatomy Of A Memory gets the band some serious exposure as the sound quality and craftsmanship of the music is better than what major labels are shoving down our throats these days. The full production allows the respectable bottom end to shine through on brooding numbers like Hammer Song, 18 Ager and Wheels To Turn."
-Stephanie Stevens, East Coast Romper

"Their music is an eclectic confluence of different rock styles where you can find in equal proportions tranquility and fire; expressive in all their moments, which join very diverse points of view into rock (indie rock, grunge, post-rock... and some other things, more excessive, or more subtle...). Asperous but evocative, with ardent and penetrating sensibility..."
- Héctor Noble Fernández, She Divine

"An instrumentally inclined bunch of rock n' rollers! In Fervor. Shaking things up with their powerfully explosive, heavy and hard hitting sound that aggressively blows up right when you thought it'd fade out."
- Get Underground

"...Placing it in a garage-grunge alternative category with a brooding temper, the rhythm evokes nuances of such bands like Incubus for the vocals- Richard Martin has that Brandon Boyd voice but without the annoying whininess, and Engine Down for the intense bass and guitar riffs. But the tune and lyrics are uniquely their own.

"Instrumentally I find it interesting in the magnetic, night-scene type of atmosphere. This is definitely soundtrack material. I could totally hear this behind a Tarantino scene, especially 'Hammer Song' and the intro to '18 Ager.'"
- Sable Yong, Sound The Sirens

"If I may put it this way, the songs are really CCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL"
- Timo Vogt, 11 year-old Austrian fan

"It's just cool"
- Mila Bukher

"Onward is one of my most favorite records of all time. Just sayin."
- Emilio